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You can call them drug rugs or baja hoodies but no matter what you name them, one thing is certain: has the best selection and most colors for sale online.

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Baja Jacket

The most famous website to buy a baja hoodie is at where they have FREE SHIPPING on every single baja jacket no matter how many you buy. There are other sites that charge around $12 to ship their drug rugs so don’t be fooled by seemingly low prices. The high quality material used by Mexican Threads is unmatched in the industry and they are the only website that has 3XL sizes of Mexican poncho hoodies in many sizes.
baja jacket

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Mexican Poncho Hoodie Pullover

Isn’t it about time that you bought yourself a new drug rug hoodie? You know what I am talking about, the mexican baja hoodie that everyone seems to have these days. No 2 are exactly the same because they are manufactured in Mexico. You can wrap up in an awesome Mexican blanket and just chill in style. Hippie clothing is really in right now and you don’t have be a hipster to enjoy the comfort of a baja pullover jacket. Everyone from surfers to college students love wearing bajas.
burgundy baja hoodiebaja hoodies for kids
drug rugs for women

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Drug Rug Baja Poncho Hoodies

The baja shirt is more commonly known as a drug rug hoodie or baja hoodie. This Mexican poncho hoodie pullover sweater is gaining more and more popularity every year. You probably remember them from the 80’s if you are old enough, but this is now a trend not only among hippies and California surfers but for everyone all over the world. You can find them online at where they are the only site to offer Free Shipping to the U.S. on their baja hoodies.

Baja Hoodie Drug Rugs

See more about the Mexican Threads baja jacket.

See the drug rug hug site for more at
drug rug hug

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Wholesale Baja Shirts

The place to get wholesale baja shirt is where they give discounts on orders of 10 or more. They are the #1 online store for baja sweatshirts.

The baja shirt is perfect for hippie shops that provide Bob Marley and Grateful dead inventory. They are not only worn by hippies and surfers anymore. There is a huge boom in 2010 for the baja hoodie in every high school and University around the world. They are unique because of the thousands of different color schemes that are available, you will most likely never run into someone that has the same baja poncho that you have.

The great demand for this Mexican sweatshirt has made them very hard to come by. If you find a style that you like it is wise to buy it quickly because they are flying off the shelves very quickly. There are not very many stores that offer them and most of them have very few to choose from. The #1 online store for the baja shirt is and they don’t keep the same style for very long. They offer free shipping to the U.S. and they ship to the entire world. These drug rugs are gaining popularity each month and the trend does not show signs of slowing down. So hurry up and get yours before they are gone. And if you are looking for a supplier or manufacturer, you now know where to go to buy them in bulk. They are for sale now, good luck.

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Baja Hoodie

Get a baja shirt a.k.a. baja hoodie at Mexican Threads where they ship for free!

If you want to buy more than 1 baja sweatshirt you can find wholesale baja hoodies at as well. They are the leading store for baja shirts online since 2010.

drugrug baja hoodie mexican threads

When someone talks about a baja shirt, they usually are referring to a baja hoodie like what is sold at These are the Mexican sweater pullover poncho type things that were very famous in the 70′s and 80′s. If you are looking for wholesale baja shirts you can find them at Mexican Threads where they have the largest selection to choose from on the internet.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap baja shirts sold by the other sites online, get the real quality from MexicanThreads. They have every color on the market and every size as well. Childrens sizes go as low as 6 years old and then the largest is the XXXL. They have baja hoodies for women and men as well. If you need a pink baja shirt they have you covered. Or if you are just looking for the off white baja shirt, they have them as well. No matter the color or size they will have what you need or they will be able to get it for you in about a week.

The traditional mexican clothing and apparel that you will find at mexican threads is top notch. From mexican dresses to embroidered peasant blouses, they have everything you need to get in touch with your inner Mexican.

The Baja Jacket
baja jacket

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